Anonymous asked : what's wrong with ben winston? :o
He is a supporter of Israel’s government (I guess it’s safe to say that he’s also pro-Zionist) and probably also misogynistic (well, he tweeted a really stupid thing after the World Cup’s final about how the girlfriends/wives of the players would ruin everything etc., for which he later got “attacked”… well, it wasn’t an attack at all, but people pointed out his mistake).

Concerning recent events, here’s a text that explains one of the problems people have with him pretty well (especially paragraph 2).

Anonymous asked : yeah tom is also following that fucking piece of shit ben winston smh. he might know one direction but he doesn't follow the members so guess why he's following him? probably b/c he's a zionist spewing bullshit and lies but a family like jades, being jewish and supporting israel, might tend to be zionist too or at least anti-palestine smh. fuck man he's really worrying me and idk i'm really careful about tom now, all these things are a bit too much don't you think so? -.-

I’m not exactly happy about that either ugh, but just to clarify things (although I know what you actually mean), Jews are not automatically Zionists, just as not every Jew is supporting Israel’s government. I guess with all these tweets, comments, pictures they’ve posted/liked and all those other evidences etc., they’re most likely tending to be pro-Israel, but I just wanted to clear up that generalization (at least it sounded like that) in your message.

Anonymous asked : I can't say it for sure but Jade and her family are huge supporters of Israel and probably they only support this "one side of the conflict" as I saw them in the past always only talking about the Israelis victims. I hope Tom has sense enough to get informed on BOTH sides but I feel he only gets the Israeli POV :/ There is a difference between identifying yourself with a country BUT be able to point out its mistakes and (like her brother) being ignorant, bling and actually support racism.


Anonymous asked : Being completely honest Tom (and the people around him) is worrying me lately much. First his gf brother daring to say that there is no oppression in Israel but as if that's not already enough his brother Chris has liked UKIP on Facebook (for non-Europeans: UKIP is a , racist, far-right political group in the UK that is against foreigners). Not saying that Tom is racist too but who knows what's really going on in this head...?

I understand where you’re coming from (like if he’s not educating himself on these topics and blindly believes anything the people around him say or he doesn’t even try to correct them if he knows better or if he’s just staying silent and thus actually choosing the side of the “oppressor”), but yeah… :/

Anonymous asked : Her older brother seems a bit more educated on the topic but still is rather pro-Israel while her younger brother is a complete dumbass not only supporting Israels politics but having the gall to say it's not a racist state. Pity he has turned his profile private. there are one or two words I would have gladly told him *smh* Jade hasn't any political statement (in public) but some pages she's liked, pictures and comments from her Jewish friend/family members they seem strong pro-Isr

Well, I would be still a bit careful concerning this - her brothers’ political views might be public - and of course it’s safe to assume that everyone they know, including her, at least know of them and probably even support that mindset… but most likely, it’s not 100% sure for us since she hasn’t made any public political statements so far. *shrugs*


remember when you used to be real secretive about reading smutty fanfiction and making sure you were the only one in the room and now you read that shit at the dinner table like it’s nothing

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Anonymous asked : Tbh, there are a lot of people who think the way Jade's brother does. It's actually pretty sad. Is it bad that I just want her and tom to break up lol
Yeah, partly it’s the media’s fault, because they only show this whole conflict from Israel’s point of view and they try anything - you really have to pay attention to their exact choice of words whenever they report about Palestine’s suffering - to make Palestine look like the “monster” here, they try so hard to hide what’s truly done to them. So of course the people who follow the news on the TV/news sites that are pro-Israel, and don’t know that the reports are indeed biased, are going to believe all that shit blindly. *sigh* And then of course another part has this mindset simply because they’re ignorant and support racism etc. (the media of course has a huge influence, but it’s definitely not the only reason…).

I guess he probably knows better than us what’s really going on there since I assume that they might have friends, relatives or family living there and as long as they are not also fooled by the government’s propaganda, his opinion is that of an ignorant one, not that of an uneducated person.


The Real Dystopia

Dear Dramione fans, 

Have you ever read those dystopian AU stories, where Voldomort lives, and the Death Eaters reign? The muggle-borns are tagged, and lives a half-life, and they struggle everyday to make a life that is worth living. 

If you know what I am talking about, please watch the video above. This is a real video of how life is for Palestinians living in Israel. They live a half-life, confined within their homes, and are rarely allowed to walk outside. Watch how the first woman, a Jew, taunts her by calling her and her daughters whores. 

This is a real-life dystopia. Too many Americans and Europeans who are ignorant of how life is there, because the media often tells of only Israel’s plight, and how Hamas are the terrorists. 

Fact: Hamas is an elected government, chosen by Palestines. By that definition alone, they are not terrorists. Everyday is a struggle, as they are only fighting to defend themselves. 

As I write this, more than 600 Palestinians are dead, while Israel has only 1 death. Yet the media continue to skew this as Israel’s plight. 

Please, watch this video, and this message, and help me spread the truth. You do not have to be Muslim to stand against this blatant violence. You need to only be human. 

Reblogging has never been so important to me. Please help.